Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Initially the transport business was set up to support the parent companies core business that is for import of its commodity and export activist. It is now one of the most efficient dry cargo transport company. In Ethiopia the ever growing demand for transporting import and export goods has opened up opportunism for efficient transport services. Therefore the sector is attractive and contributes a lot for advancement /betterment / for the life of the community as well the country . Get-As international P.L.C (Transport Unit) was established in June 1998 .


Our company is equipped with the latest models i.e. 380/720 E-37 EuroTrucker Truck trailers MFD 1997 G.C, Hibed Euro-Trakkers MFD1990 G.C , Scania truck trailers model P124-GT MFD 2002 ,Sino high bed truck MFD 2009 G.C and Trucker truck trailers MFD-2011 G.C Our own fleet size is a total of 320 truck & trailers and 75 additional trucks work with our company as an affiliate, which can be available at any time. All trucks are 40 toners and can uplift over 6880 tons at a time. The transport division is continuing to expand its dry cargo fleet capacity that will further increase the existing 160 trucks to 200 trucks soon.


Giving reliable dry cargo transport service both up country and abroad/neighboring countries.

Offering a complete transport service to all its clients in most, efficient, cost effective, fast and reliable service.

running all businesses activities that are directly related to the above mentioned purposes.

Maintenance service to heavy trucks other than the company’s trucks in the near future.

Being No. 1 Transport Company in the country

Giving priority for customer satisfaction

Increasing the share value of the company

To constantly strive to meet our customer’s expectations.