Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We have launched billion dollar products for 50 brands.

Get-As continued to trade in textiles and cloths; a business the founders have had two decades experience in the field. The company through the years have continued to expand its portfolios both horizontally and diagonal. Its expansion horizontally saw its product portfolios to grow immensely. Its portfolio has expanded to the import of the following since 1991 Et. cal:

• FMCG: cooking oil, laundry and toilet soaps, detergents,
• Stationery items: photo copy papers, spiral books, pens
• Construction material inputs

Get-As International Plc established in 1994 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , between two brothers; to restructure their vision of trade and commerce which was already decades old sole trade business at the time.

Get-As International Plc at the inception was geared up to serve the newly formed and liberated economy that has undergone two decades of closed and commanded economy. The emergency of new regulations and policies that allowed trade to take shape opened the way for entrepreneurs alike the two brothers to capitalize on the new opportunities the economy had to offer.

Get-As has continued to grow both in its core trade business and new business sectors through its leadership commitment to stream line management layers in line with the growth that kept efficiency at all level of business spectrum.

Why us ?

Innovation is our basic component and hard work is our ladder in helping us reach and maintain our mission. We value and have the utmost respect to our customers and community at large keeping in mind that our products and services not only pass through our today’s customers but our tomorrow’s customers too.


A distinguished investment conglomerate that delivers value to its shareholders, customers and community at large through its efficient frontier, capable human capital, robust technology, lean integration and operational efficiency.


To be among listed conglomerates with remarkable capital performance in Ethiopia.


Integrity - Honesty and strong moral principles are our guiding values in our daily activities

Respect - We show a high level of admiration to our customers and stakeholders

Corporate Citizenship - We provide positive value to the society by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Hard work - We exert a maximum effort diligently in everything we do.

Passion - When we work and serve, we do it with high level enthusiasm.

Get-As International Plc, as a family owned business prides in its achievements and the many milestones crossed:


1975, the founder descended to fulfil his entrepreneurial vision


1980,the younger brother, Mr. Asrat joined his brother’s aspiration of trade and commerce.


1985, the young nephew of the brothers Mr. Adugna Bekele joined the brothers to strengthen the growing trade business.


Following the regime change in Ethiopia; the opening of market liberalization in 1991, saw the two brothers in forming Get-As International plc and consolidation of businesses in 1994.


1995, following the company's import and trade activities a transportation unit was formed to serve both internal and external customers.


1998, the logistic and transit division was formed to serve both internal and external customers.


2000, the company expanded its investments in the financial sector industry.


2005, Get-As Real Estate , actively engaged in building luxury homes and apartments, with peculiar designs was Established .


2009, the company laid a foundation to construct its headquarter in Arada sub city.


2011, its head quarter was completed, and operations of different departments were relocated.


2011, its investments in different sectors of the economy continued to expand through sister companies i.e. floriculture, chemical manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, hospitality and safety match production.


2014, pharmaceutical division unit was formed that served the growing health care needs of society

As a family owned company, members of the family play important roles in key leadership positions with merits; but the company has also non family members in key leadership roles that have been a drive to its many success stories.

Our vision of becoming "Top household name in Ethiopia for delivering superior quality of products and services to our customers" is a center focal point to our everyday activities within the company. This vision is shared at the different layers of the structure; from board of directors on the hierarchy to staff members at operational level.

Get-As, as a home-grown company, its company cultural roots are imbedded by the diverse rich cultures of Ethiopia which has shaped its values: Integrity , Respect , Purpose, hard work and innovation .

These values have been cultivated in Get-As through the years, so it is imprinted in what we do and deliver in everyday business.

Abebe Kebede


Kebede Abebe


Abebech Kebde


Corporate Social Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility to our different stakeholders; hence we are taking active steps in doing our share to the environment through different programs such as building schools in our communities to help children’s better access to educations and helping advance the country's development goals through our share of tax contributions.