Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Since 2005, GET-As is involved in real estate development established with the technical and material support of Dugda Construction, Global paint factory and other sister companies and business units. Even though real estate development process is a complex, time-consuming, capital intensive, and multi-disciplinary; Get-As Real Estate is actively engaged in building luxury homes and apartments, with peculiar designs. Get–As Real Estate has a capacity to build and deliver high quality and luxurious homes with full compound facilities in a 40-thousand-meter square plot of land.



The mission of Get–As Real Estate incorporates

• Proven, professional real estate of the art and techniques specializing in selling new and luxury homes, condominiums and home sites in a residential community, underdeveloped land and commercial opportunities.
• To understand, anticipate, and satisfy the customers’ needs and expectation in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner in a commercial and residential real estate development as well as property management.

 Currently Get–As Real Estate is progressing to deliver 32 luxury villa houses and 10 blocks of G+12 apartments (888 apartment house) on timely and with quality for its first home buyers at Ayat site.

 As an active and successful Real Estate developer, the company operates with the vision of achieving the highest possible standards of commercial and residential buildings satisfying the pressing demands on timely basis.

The Get-As real estate leading concern is to have every customer mentioned as their closest friend and highly valued real estate in their mind. In fact, word of mouth is the way that most new customers hear about the real estate. Get-As real estate establishes a relationship of trust with its clients. The real estate delivers quality with big commitments and services. Get-As real estate should never compromise on quality and to moving fast. Get-As real estate is committed to Ethiopian laws and regulations in connection with lease and property taxation.


• Over 50,000-square meter warehouse spacing.
• Six ware house locations.
• 200 heavy capacity dry cargo trucks.
• 80% geographical market reach.
• 30 mid size distribution vans .
• A well-equipped and staffed garage.
• 2,500 employees
• Ten story head quarter building at Addis Ababa.

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